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Pelvic Pain Coaching 
Individual Coaching

I know what it's like to feel hopeless.

⁠⁠⁠For pain to consume every thought you have and inform every decision you make.⁠⁠

To spend all of your time and energy trying to heal. ⁠I'm so sorry if this has been your experience.

I got sick and tired of looking for answers in a system that couldn't give them to me.

⁠⁠I realized that I had to go out and find my own approach to healing.

What I discovered, was an approach that worked on my nervous system. An approach that worked to rewire my brain and body out of the patterns that create and sustain chronic pain.


Now, I want to offer that approach to you.⁠


⁠What if healing didn't have to be a fight with your body?


What if instead, you realized you and your body are on the same team?⁠


⁠What if instead of fearing pain, you saw pain as communication from your body?


What if you learned to tune into those messages and calm those signals?⁠


What if having fun was an integral part of the healing process?


What if getting back to living your life was helping you heal?⁠

I know it might feel scary to approach pain in this way. You're so used to fighting your pain.

But what I want to offer, is what if the process of healing brought you closer to yourself?⁠


What if your healing journey brings you to a place of such self-trust and resilience that you know you can handle anything life throws at you?⁠

That's what I want for you. ⁠

That's what I can help you do.⁠

My wish is that no one has to navigate their healing journey alone.⁠

The process I take women through not only reduces their pain, but completely shifts and transforms their lives.⁠
I help you live a life beyond chronic pelvic pain. ⁠

A life that is full, embodied and connected.⁠

It would be an honor to guide you through it.⁠

When we coach together I help you to…


01 — Understand Your Pain

I will help you to understand your pain - what pain really means, and what it doesn't. Being armed with this knowledge will reduce your fear of the pain, and loosen the grip it has over your life.


02 — Befriend Your Body

Chronic pelvic pain makes us feel like our bodies are our enemies. It is so painful to live that way. Making peace with our bodies is the only way forward. I will teach you how to befriend your body, to tune in to the messages it's sending you, and help you repair your relationship that you have with yourself


03 — Regulate Your Nervous System

Nervous system regulation is key to healing chronic pelvic pain. In this program, you will learn physical and psychological tools and techniques to calm your nervous system, and to rewire brain and body out of the chronic pain cycle.


04 — Reclaim Your Pleasure

Chronic pelvic pain robs us of our pleasure, sexual and otherwise. I will teach you how tuning into pleasure can reduce pain symptoms, and empower you with tools and strategies to bring pleasure back into your life.


05—Re-engage In Life

Chronic pelvic pain tends to keep our lives small. We lose sight of our values, and de-prioritize the experiences and activities that we once loved. I will help guide you back to re-engaging in activities you love, and living in accordance to your values. Pain is no longer in the drivers seat of your life, you are. 

You might be a good fit for my coaching
  • You are already familiar with the concept of mind-body pain/neuroplastic pain/TMS and think this might be an underlying mechanism of your pain.


  • If you’re open to exploring all the factors that could be influencing your pain experiences including the thoughts you think, your coping strategies, your emotional experiences and your relationships. 


  • If you’re willing to consider taking action in your life even if the pain isn’t “totally gone.” 


  • If you’re looking to partner with someone to help guide and support you in your healing journey.


  • If you know that you can’t outsource your healing to anyone else. 

   You might not be the right fit for my     coaching  if…
  • If you are attached to a purely physical explanation and treatment of your symptoms.


  • If you’re attached to just trying to “solve” the pain and are unwilling to consider starting to take action in your life without the pain being “totally gone.”


  • If you’re attached to finding someone to “fix” you and are unwilling to take ownership of your healing journey.


*There is NO shame if that sounds like you. I was stuck wanting those things for years. And honestly, I wasn’t open to hearing another perspective for a LONG time. 

I was very attached to a purely biomedical explanation for my pain and would not hear otherwise. I wanted someone to just fix me.

But the reality is, that never worked. And if that’s where you’re at and what you’re looking for we simply won’t be the best fit at this time.


Some of the modalities we may use throughout our coaching sessions are...

  • Pain Reprocessing 

  • Brain Retraining

  • Nervous System Regulation Techniques

  • EFT Tapping 

  • Graded Exposure

  • Self-directed Neuroplasticity Techniques

  • Guided Imagery

  • Meditation

  • Boundary Work

  • Emotional Processing

  • Self-Compassion Work 


Can you guarantee that I’ll be pain-free at the end of our work together?

No, and I’m truly sorry to tell you that no one can ever ethically tell you that you when you will be pain-free.

I say this with so much compassion: if the only way you will feel our work together was "worth it" is if you will be totally pain-free by the end of our coaching package, we will not be the right fit.

What’s your success rate?

I get this question quite often and I find it an interesting one. If you mean “pain-free in 6-months,” please see my response above. That is not something I can guarantee. Do some people end up pain-free at the end of our time together? Yes.

But how I measure success with my clients, and how my clients measure success for themselves cannot be on whether pain is present or not (as that fear, worry, and focus perpetuates the chronic pain cycle).

We measure success by how much control pain has over your life. How much pain dictates your mood, your day, what you choose to do or not do, how it affects your relationships. We measure success by your ability to set boundaries, advocate for yourself and life a life aligned with your values.

This work is what gets you on the path to becoming pain-free. And living a full and empowered life in the process.

What happens in a coaching session?

It’s very individualized. All of my coaching centers around a framework of creating more safety in your nervous system to rewire your system out of the chronic pain cycle.

That being said, we can do that a million different ways.

Some days it’s exploring nervous system regulation techniques. Some days it’s creating a Pain Flare Plan together to reduce fear around pain flares and help you navigate them with more ease. Sometimes it’s helping you navigate dating with pelvic pain. Sometimes it’s helping you prepare yourself for upcoming travel.

The possibilities are endless!

What if I think I have something that needs medical attention?

I will never stop you from going to the doctor.

Some things truly require medical intervention. Sometimes you have a new infection. Some folks have a condition that may require surgery or medication.

All that said, my work is best suited for those which chronic conditions who have fully explored getting a medical diagnosis and have really only been given diagnoses of exclusion (such as interstitial cystitis, pudendal neuralgia, vulvodynia, vaginismus) or have persisting pain post-medical intervention such as in the case of post-excision pain in endometriosis or post-infectious pain.

Do I have access to you between sessions?

Yes, you will have email access to me between our sessions. Please allow a 48 hr response time.

Can I work with you if I have a psychiatric diagnosis like anxiety or depression?

Yes, I have rarely met a person with chronic pelvic pain who does not have an anxiety or depression diagnosis. These conditions can be incredibly hard to manage and it’s so normal to have mental health challenges such as anxiety and/or depression.

That being said, our work together is not mental healthcare and I am not a mental health provider. If you have a mental health diagnosis, I strongly suggest you work with a mental health provider in addition to coaching.

Your Investment

I offer a FREE  30 minute consultation call to all potential clients interested in coaching together. 

*Coaching sessions are 50 minute zoom video calls. 

6 Month Coaching Package (14 sessions): $3,500. Payment plans available.

3 Month Coaching Package (8 sessions): $2,200. Payment plans available.

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Are you ready to take your next step toward creating a life beyond chronic pelvic pain?

If this sounds like the guidance and support you've been looking for, please submit this form to schedule a free consultation call. 

I look forward to connecting soon! 

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