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No one needs to work with me for information purposes.

The information you need to heal is ALL out there for low or no cost. 

I require that my 1:1 coaching clients are already informed about the mind-body approach to healing and are ready to commit to working within this  framework before we start our work together. 

 My clients work with me for guidance and support in order to implement this knowledge into their own lives.

If you're new to the mind-body approach, and are looking to learn more about this approach, here are some recommended resources below.  

*you do not have to read/listen to everything! 



Digital Reading

Youtube Channels and Videos 

Using a Touch Phone

Websites, Podcasts, and Apps 

​Mind-Body Medicine

  1. The Way Out by Alan Gordon and  Alon Ziv 

  2. Unlearn Your Pain by Dr. Howard Schubiner

  3. When the Body Says No by Dr. Gabor Maté

  4. The Mindful Body  by Ellen J Langer 

Introduction to pain science

Lorimer Moseley Short Video:

 Lorimer Moseley  Longer Video:

Dr. Schubiner:

Nervous System and Trauma Healing​

  1. In An Unspoken Voice by Peter Levine 

  2. Becoming Safely Embodied by Deirdre Fey 

  3. Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve  by Stanley Rosenberg 

  4. Call of The Wild by Kimberly Ann Johnson 

Recommended Youtube Channels 

  1. Lin Health

  2. Pain Free You

  3. Curable 

Pain Science and Mind-Body Approach  


Like Mind Like Body

Tell Me About Your Pain

The V Hive Episode #94

From Chronic Pain to Passion


Curable Health

My Podcast Interviews:

On Dan Buglio's "Pain Free You"

On Anna Holtzman's "From Chronic Pain To Passion"

​Pleasure, Female Empowerment,  and

A Feminist Lens


  1. Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski

  2. Patriarchy Stress Disorder  by Valerie Rein PhD

  3. On Our Best Behavior by Elise Loehnen

  4. Pussy: A Reclamation by Regina Thomashauer

  5. Reclaiming Pleasure by Holly Richmond 

  6. The Pleasure Prescription by Dee Hartman 

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